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(1) Prior to the issuance of a building permit for any multiple residential project over two (2) dwelling units, a contract must be entered into between Provo City and the developer agreeing to a determined occupancy based on a given number of parking spaces. This contract shall be recorded with the Utah County Recorder’s Office and shall be a covenant running with the property. A copy of a recorded deed for the property in question must also be submitted prior to the issuance of a building permit which indicates the maximum allowable occupancy as a deed restriction. Attached to the deed must be a document that separately lists the occupancy according to Provo City Code, the previously mentioned deed restrictions and any other use restrictions pertaining to parking and occupancy such as restrictions of use as noted in condominium covenants. This document must be signed, dated and notarized indicating that the owner acknowledges and agrees to all restrictions and regulations stated on the deed and attachments.

(2) Upon submittal of the documents required in this Section any violation to the restrictions and regulations noted therein will be considered a misdemeanor offense and will be subject to criminal action as provided in Section 1.03.010, Provo City Code.

(Enacted 2012-35)