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(1) Permitted Principal Uses. The following principal uses, and no others, are permitted in the MDR zone:

(a) One-family dwelling - detached (existing as of December 31, 2011) (see Section 14.34.310, Provo City Code);

(b) One-family dwelling - attached (townhomes), not to exceed eight (8) units in one building;

(c) Two-family dwellings (see Section 14.34.310, Provo City Code);

(d) Multiple-family dwellings;

(e) Apartments and condominiums;

(f) Residential facilities for the elderly or disabled (see Section 14.34.230, Provo City Code);

(g) Public utilities and rights-of-way, including accompanying facilities;

(h) Police protection and related activities, branch (office only);

(i) Religious activities; and

(j) Parks.

(2) Permitted Accessory Uses. Accessory uses and structures are permitted in the MDR zone, provided they are incidental to and do not substantially alter the character of the permitted principal use or structure. Such permitted accessory uses and structures include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Accessory buildings such as garages, carports, greenhouses, gardening sheds, recreation rooms and similar structures which are customarily used in conjunction with and incidental to a principal use or structure;

(b) Swimming pools and incidental accessory structures subject to the standards of Section 14.34.210, Provo City Code;

(c) Vegetable and flower gardens;

(d) Home occupations subject to the regulations of Chapter 14.41, Provo City Code;

(e) Storage of materials used to construct a building, including the contractor’s temporary office; provided, that such use is on the building site or immediately adjacent thereto; and provided further, that such use shall be permitted only during the construction period and thirty (30) days thereafter;

(f) Household pets; provided, that no more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats six (6) months of age or older shall be kept at any residence or commercial establishment at any time. Nothing herein shall be construed as authorizing the keeping of any animal capable of inflicting harm or discomfort or endangering the health and safety of any person or property.

(Enacted 2013-05)