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Yards shall be provided according to the requirements listed below. (Note: All setbacks are measured from the property line.)

(1) Front yard: twenty (20) ft.

(2) Side yard, street: twenty (20) ft.

(3) Side Yard, Interior.

(a) One-family detached: eight (8) ft. and ten (10) ft.

(b) All other buildings: ten (10) ft.

(4) Rear yard: twenty (20) ft.

(5) Distance between buildings on the same parcel: fifteen (15) ft.

(6) Side Yard, Driveway. See Section 14.37.100, Provo City Code.

(7) The Development Services Director, or designee, may modify the setbacks of this zone subject to finding that all of the following conditions exist:

(a) The proposed setback is visually compatible with neighboring development and does not cause an undue burden or harm to the adjacent property;

(b) The proposed setback does not violate an existing or needed utility easement; and

(c) The proposed setback does not cause a violation of the International Building Code or the Fire Code.

(8) Accessory Buildings.

(a) Accessory buildings shall be located in the rear yard and may be located no closer to an interior side or rear lot line than five (5) feet, subject to any existing utility easements.

(b) Accessory buildings on corner lots may be no closer to the side street than the principal structure.

(c) The maximum height for an accessory building is twelve (12) feet, as measured to the mid-point of a sloped roof.

(Enacted 2013-05, Am 2020-57)