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(1) The following structures may be erected on or project into any required yard:

(a) Fencing (see Section 14.34.500, Provo City Code);

(b) Landscaping (see Chapter 15.20, Provo City Code); and

(c) Necessary appurtenances for utility service, subject to City approval.

(2) The structures listed below may project into a minimum front or rear yard not more than four (4) feet and into a minimum side yard not more than two (2) feet.

(a) Cornices, eaves, belt courses, sills, buttresses, or other similar architectural features;

(b) Fireplace structures and bays, provided they are not wider than eight (8) feet and are generally parallel to the wall of which they are a part; and

(c) Porches, stairways, balconies, door stoops, fire escapes, awnings, and planter boxes or masonry planters.

(Enacted 2013-05)