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(1) Signs. See Chapter 14.38, Provo City Code.

(2) Uses Within Buildings. All uses established in the CG zone shall be conducted entirely within a fully-enclosed building except those uses deemed by the Planning Commission to be customarily and appropriately conducted in the open. Such uses may include, but would not be limited to, service stations, ice skating, miniature golf, plant nurseries, etc.

(3) Landscaping. See Chapter 15.20, Provo City Code.

(4) Trash Storage. See Section 14.34.080, Provo City Code.

(5) Walls and Fences.

(a) No wall, fence, or opaque hedge or screening material higher than thirty-six (36) inches shall be maintained within a required front yard in a CG zone.

(b) A decorative masonry wall, at least six (6) feet in height, shall be erected along all property lines which lie adjacent to a residential zone. In the case where there is mutual agreement between the property owners of the commercial zone and the adjacent residential zone, the masonry wall requirement may be modified to allow other suitable materials. A signed agreement must be submitted to the Planning Commission or its designee, indicating this agreement. In the case where there is not mutual agreement, the masonry wall will be required.

(6) Remodeling in Existing CG Zones. If the remodeling of a building in the CG zone causes the exterior of the building to be enlarged, the landscaping requirements of Subsection (3) of this Section shall apply, with the following limitations:

(a) The requirements of Subsection (3) of this Section shall not apply where those requirements would conflict with parking requirements, be incompatible with the design of existing buildings or impair ingress or egress to existing buildings or parking areas.

(b) See Chapter 15.20, Provo City Code.

(7) Transitional Development Standards. Where a lot in any business, commercial, manufacturing, industrial zone borders a residential zone the standards set forth in Section 14.34.300, Provo City Code.

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