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The Interim Transit Oriented Development (ITOD) Zone is established to provide interim zoning measures while more comprehensive transit oriented development plans and ordinances are formulated for the planned intermodal hub area and other key transportation related locations within the City. These interim measures are intended to prevent land uses and development that would hinder long-range City goals while achieving quality housing, attracting long-term residents, on properties surrounding the proposed Intermodal Hub site. This zone’s primary use is for residential and residential/support mixed-use development which is intended to provide housing and business opportunities adjacent to public transit and thereby facilitate increases in the use of public transit and reduce City-wide traffic and congestion elsewhere. The ITOD zone is characterized by clean, well-lighted streets, ample pedestrian ways, and attractive, inviting, and residential uses, well-maintained shops, stores, offices, with a mixed use design. This zone will tend to encourage an architectural theme which will strengthen the continuity of the ITOD area and give it an identity with which the citizens of Provo can identify.

(Enacted 2009-02)