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The following minimum yard requirements shall apply in the ITOD zone: (Note: All setbacks are measured from the property line.)

(1) Front Yard. No requirement except the front yard setback for any building shall not be greater than six (6) feet along any front yard with the following exception:

(a) No part of any building shall overhang the public right-of-way and no drainage shall be diverted into said public right-of-way. (See Section 14.21.150(4), Provo City Code, for canopy and marquee requirements.);

(2) Side Yard. No requirement except the side yard setback for any building shall not be greater than ten (10) feet with the following exception:

(a) In instances wherein a development cannot obtain interior lot vehicular access from a rear yard, alley, easement, or other right-of-way, a side yard may be increased to twenty (20) feet;

(3) Side Yard - Corner Lots. On a corner lot, the side yard contiguous to the street shall meet the same standards as Subsection (1) of this Section and shall not be used for vehicular parking except such portion as is devoted to driveway use for access to a garage or carport;

(4) Side Yard - Driveway. See Section 14.37.100, Provo City Code;

(5) Side Yard - Accessory Building. Accessory buildings are not permitted;

(6) Rear Yard. No requirement; and

(7) Noise Buffer Setbacks. Street side yards may be extended beyond the maximum setback limitations in the instance when property is located within one hundred (100) feet of a railroad track upon recommendation by the Design Review Committee. In determining the appropriateness of the increased setback, the approving body shall make the following finding in addition to the conditional use permit criteria:

(a) That the design of the area included in the increased setback enhances the public realm and is necessary to mitigate the sound impacts of the adjacent railroad tracks.

(Enacted 2009-02, Am 2014-24)