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The following standards shall apply in the AI zone:

(1) Building Orientation. The primary entrance to structures fronting Lakeview Parkway or Center Street shall have their primary entrance face these corridors.

(2) Design. The design elements located in this zone shall incorporate architectural elements located within the downtown area of Center Street between 500 West and 100 East. These elements include masonry wall surfaces, decorative cornices, steel and beam construction, and ground-floor storefronts. Post-modern would be an acceptable form of design. Each side of the structure shall have architecture detailing. Blank walls void of architecture details are not permitted.

(3) Materials.

(a) Building wall materials shall be combined on each facade horizontally only, with the heavier elements (material or weight) below lighter elements. For example, stone should not be above stucco, and brick should not be below concrete. No material shall have a horizontal length of greater than sixty (60) feet.

(b) The exterior finish material on all buildings shall not consist of vinyl, metal siding (including sheet or corrugated metal), plywood, particle board, or other wood products not intended as an architectural finish product with the following exceptions:

(i) Air cargo terminal and package delivery facility, aircraft maintenance facility and related activities, miscellaneous manufacturing, and warehouse permitted uses may use metal composite material.

(4) Each first floor commercial frontage situated along a primary street shall provide a minimum of forty percent (40%) completely transparent glass and on secondary streets thirty percent (30%) completely transparent glass.

(5) All windows and doors, with the exception of ground-level shop fronts, shall be square or vertical in proportion.

(6) Doors and windows that operate as sliders are prohibited on street frontages and facades.

(7) Roofs. Pitched roofs, if provided, shall be symmetrically sloped no less than 5:12 on all elevations facing a public street. This provision should not be construed to prohibit flat roof designs.

(8) Windows, doors, and glass above the first story shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total building wall area, with each facade being calculated independently.

(9) Mechanical equipment shall have an opaque screening barrier that is architecturally compatible with the primary structure. Only the minimal amount of screening necessary to fully screen such equipment shall be used.

(Enacted 2021-39, Am 2022-02)