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(1) The purpose of the Research and Business Park (R&BP) zone is to provide an aesthetically attractive working environment exclusively for and conducive to the development and protection of offices, research and development institutions, and certain specialized light manufacturing establishments. The general categories of uses allowed within this zone are more limited than other commercial or manufacturing zones. These restrictions are based on operating characteristics and land use impacts rather than type of service or product. The essential purpose of this district is to achieve development in a park-like setting that is an economic asset to the owners, neighbors, and the community. This zone is more restrictive than other commercial and manufacturing zones in the City in order to have buildings which have architectural excellence, grounds which have an abundance of landscaping, and land uses which do not create air, ground, noise, and water pollution. The zone may be located adjacent to quality residential development and must be properly screened and beautified to create the highest degree of compatibility. The zone should always be located adjacent to collector or arterial streets. The zone is to be characterized by attractively designed buildings and off-street parking lots situated among spacious lawns, shrubs, and trees which give a “park-like” appearance. It is not the intent of this Chapter that an R&BP zone should become a catalyst for strip commercial development around its perimeter. Unless the General Plan calls for a Commercial Center near the park’s boundary, commercial development shall not be allowed, particularly where the park is surrounded by residential development.

(2) Objectives. The purpose of this Chapter is to establish rules, regulations, standards, and procedures for approval of all Research and Business Parks in order to:

(a) Strengthen and sustain the economic potential of the City and to create jobs.

(b) Advance and promote sound growth and the general welfare.

(c) Implement the adopted policies of the Provo City General Plan.

(d) Ensure efficient, safe, and aesthetic land development.

(e) Provide a unique work environment that will attract skilled and professional people.

(f) Provide a work place that is architecturally and aesthetically pleasing and compatible with the surrounding residential areas.

(g) Preserve existing natural resources and give proper consideration to the physical constraints of the land.

(h) Provide for safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

(i) Provide for compliance with appropriate design standards to ensure adequate light and air, proper building arrangements, and minimum adverse effect on surrounding property.

(j) Ensure the provision of adequate water supply, drainage and stormwater management, sanitary facilities, and other utilities and services.

(k) Develop proper safeguards to minimize the impact on the environment, including but not limited to air and water pollution, hazardous waste contamination, noise levels, soil erosion and sedimentation.

(Enacted 1990-39)