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(1) Only those uses or categories of uses listed herein will be permitted. Questions of whether a use is permitted or not shall be decided by the Planning Commission after the Park’s Board of Directors has had an opportunity to make a recommendation.

(2) Permitted Principal Uses. The following principal uses are permitted in the R&BP zone:

(a) Research Services - (including laboratories, scientific, medical, chemical, applied physics, mechanical, electronic, biological, genetic or other similar experimental research, product development or testing facilities)

(b) Professional, Business, and Administrative offices - not principally dealing with the general public. For example, corporate headquarters.

(c) Communications - including radio and television broadcasting (studios only), telephone company offices, recording and sound studios, motion picture studio.

(d) Data Processing Services.

(e) Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Services.

(f) Religious activities.

(3) Permitted Secondary Uses. The following secondary activities which support or are accessory to the primary activities, are permitted subject to the development and performance standards and conditions set forth herein. When located in the same building with another main use, secondary uses shall not occupy more than forty nine (49%) of the total leasable floor space.

(a) Support and maintenance shops for the above uses.

(b) Concessions and services which are provided for the convenience of the occupants of the buildings including, but not limited to corporate lodging, restaurants, and retail uses incidental to and in support of the above permitted uses; provided they are located within a main building and there is no exterior evidence of such accessory uses such as signs or display windows.

(c) Printing, publishing and allied industries.

(d) Storage activities and warehouse facilities are permitted only as part of a primary activity, and shall comprise less than fifty percent (50%) of the activity’s floor space.

(e) Day Care Center.

(f) Off-street Parking and Parking Structures incident to the above building uses.

(g) Recreation facilities such as parks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, athletic fields, or similar activities.

(4) Conditional Uses. The following uses and structures are permitted in the R&BP zone only after a Conditional Use Permit has been issued, and subject to the terms and conditions thereof.

(a) Light Manufacturing uses shall include fabricating, processing, testing, assembling, packaging, and manufacture of products which have a high value in relation to bulk, from previously prepared materials, but not including uses involving primary production of wood, metal, petroleum, or chemical products from raw materials. Such operations shall not deal in large volumes of product handling, storage and distribution; nor shall such operations include on-site milling, forging, or heavy grinding of parts or similar manufacturing operations.

(b) Marketing, Telemarketing, and Advertising Services.

(c) Other Similar and Compatible Uses. Other similar uses not specifically listed above may be approved by the Planning Commission, with the issuance of a conditional use permit, upon findings that the proposed use most closely fits within one of the listed categories, and that any expected impacts will be no greater than that of other uses listed.

(d) Police Protection and related activities, branch (Office only)

(e) 4715 Low Power Radio Communication Towers and Antennas (Subject to 14.34.420)

(Enacted 1990-39, Am 1997-49, Am 1999-29, Am 2021-33)