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It shall be unlawful to park a motor vehicle in a parking place for a period of time longer than the permitted parking time. More than one (1) citation or notice of infraction may be issued during a period of continuous violation. (Example: The owner of a motor vehicle left for five (5) continuous hours in a maximum two (2) hour parking place may receive two (2) citations or notices of infraction.)

For purposes of this Section “parking place” shall mean that area, zone, or curb length that is restricted in time as indicated by signs, curb markings, or other similar notice, except that for on-street parking in the downtown area, as set forth in Section 9.30.060, Provo City Code, “parking place” is defined to include an area extending a minimum of one (1) block in all directions from where the vehicle is initially parked.

(Enacted 1985-74, Am 1993-34, Am 1996-12)