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Monthly Rates and Fees

Schedule No. 1


Customer Service Charge

$13.92 per connection

Energy Charge

$0.0734 per 1st 500 kWh

$0.1019 per 501 – 1,000 kWh

$0.1209 per additional kWh

Credit for Residential Electricity Generation

$0.06742 per kWh

Schedule No. 2


General Service Distribution Voltage

Customer Service Charge


Energy Charge All kWh

$0.0446 per kWh

Demand Charge 0 – 5 kW

$8.04 per kW

Demand Charge All Additional

$14.36 per kW

Schedule No. 3

General Service Distribution Voltage (Optional Time of Use)

Customer Service Charge


Energy Charge

$0.0446 per kWh

On-Peak Demand Charge

$13.30 per kW

Off-Peak Demand Charge

$4.66 per kW

Schedule No. 4

General Service Primary Voltage

Customer Service Charge


Energy Charge

$0.0446 per kWh

Demand Charge

$12.60 per kW

Schedule No. 6


General Service – High Voltage

Customer Service Charge


Energy Charge

$0.0368 per kWh

Demand Charge

$14.79 per kW

Schedule No. 8

Highway Lighting, Traffic and Other Signal System Service

Highway Lighting

Customer Service Charge


Energy ($/kWh) 1st 500 kWh


501 – 1,000 kWh


All Additional


Traffic and Other Signal Systems

Customer Service Charge


Energy ($/kWh) 1st 500 kWh


501 – 1,000 kWh


All Additional


Schedule No. 10

Temporary Service


Customer Service Charge

See Schedule No. 1

Commercial – EL10

Customer Service Charge

See Schedule No. 2

Schedule No. 11

Nonresidential – Non-Commercial Detached Buildings

Customer Service Charge


Energy Charge

$0.0949 per 1st 300 kWh

$0.1088 per additional kWh

Schedule No. 12

Private Outdoor Security Lighting (Not Metered)

Monthly Rate

See Table

Light Fixture Type



High Pressure Sodium (HPS)





Light Emitting Diode (LED)



35' Wood Pole

Up front – $1,385.00

12 month billings – $118.57

25' Steel Pole

Up front – $2,055.00

12 month billings – $175.93

Energy Services Only No Maintenance







Schedule 20

Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA)

Due to volatile and unpredictable power costs, the Energy Department will determine an ECA approximately every 6 months, likely in March and September of each year. The ECA is calculated to collect or refund the base power costs as calculated on cents per kWh basis. Prior to changing the ECA, notice will be given to the Administration and Municipal Council.

(See Rate Schedule 20 for exact formula to get the ECA)

Schedule 21*

Telecom Debt Charge

Residential (Schedule 1)

Monthly Charge $5.35

Commercial (Schedules 2, 3, 4, 10)

Monthly Charge $10.00 + 2.3%

Industrial (Schedule 6)

Monthly Charge $2,000.00 + 0.34%

*This flat charge is subject to change as required to generate $268,000 total revenue per month from the Telecom Debt Charge after applying the Telecom Debt Charge to the Industrial and Commercial Schedules.

Customer Service Fees

Residential Electric Deposit


Nonresidential Deposit

use greater of 2-month avg. or $100.00

Meter Reading Fee for AMI Opt-Out
(If Eligible)


Credit Reconnect


Returned Check

as set by State Law

Connect/Processing Fee


After Hours Connect Fee


Same Day Connect Fee


Connect/Processing Fee (3-Phase Service)


Credit Reconnect (3-Phase Service)


Engineering Division Fees

Temporary Hook-Up Fee


Upgrade Overhead Connection Fee


Upgrade Underground Connection Fee


Demolition Service Removal


Additional Hook-Up Inspections (beyond 2)


Net Metering/Solar 100-200 Amp Residential


Net Metering/Solar 200-400 Amp Commercial/Residential


Meter Tampering Fee

1st Offense


2nd Offense


Electric Facility Relocation Fee

Actual Costs

Master Metering Penalty Fee


Aid to Construction Fees

Actual Costs

Banner Installation and Removal


Each Additional Week


Pole Attachment Fee


Service Connection Fees

Single-Phase Meters


1 Meter Service

Multi-Metering 120/240 V cost

0 – 200


+ $155/additional meter

210 – 400


+ $155/additional meter

401 – 1000


+ $155/additional meter

Three-Phase Meters


1 Meter Service

Multi-Metering 120/208 V cost

0 – 200


+ $255/additional meter

201 – 400


+ $255/additional meter

401 – 800


+ $255/additional meter

801 – 1600


+ $255/additional meter

1601 – 2500


+ $255/additional meter

2501 – 4000


+ $255/additional meter

Schedule 22

Renewable Energy Program – Renew Choice


This schedule is available at any point on the Energy Department electric system where facilities of adequate capacity and standard residential voltages are available.


This schedule is applicable to all electric service points of those who voluntarily participate in this schedule.

Monthly Rate

The customer’s monthly utility bill will show the number of requested one hundred (100) kWh blocks multiplied by the rate shown below, as amended from time to time by the Municipal Council. The monthly bill amount is in addition to all other rates, charges, taxes and fees contained within the applicable rate schedules. The monthly charge is one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per one hundred (100) kWh block.

Renewable Energy

In accordance to monthly subscription rates and quantities purchased by customers, renewable energy from wind, hydro and/or solar resources will be purchased by UMPA and certified with the applicable "renewable energy credits – RECs" for the delivery into the power grid as part of the UMPA power supply mix. Renewable energy will be purchased, scheduled, billed and managed by UMPA to meet the demands and interest of the program. UMPA will have sole discretion to purchase and/or build renewable resources to meet the requirements of the renewable program. The UMPA renewable program will be regulated and governed by the UMPA Board of Directors.


• Customer must be in good standing to enroll into the program.

• Customer may cancel the service or modify the number of blocks at any time. However, the customer will be responsible for renewable services and charges until the end of the billing cycle. After a customer request to cancel or modify, the City will stop at the end of the next billing cycle or modify the billing of the blocks at the start of the next billing cycle.

• The City and UMPA agree to identify and track all funds associated with the program.

• An administrative fee of ten percent (10%) may be included in the rate. The City may collect and use five percent (5%) of the rate to cover the billing costs. UMPA may collect and use five percent (5%) of the rate for marketing materials.

• The City will give notice to the Renew Choice customers sixty (60) days in advance for any rate changes to Renew Choice approved by the City.

Tax Adjustments

The amount computed at the above monthly rate shall be subject to taxes, assessments and surcharges imposed by Provo City or any governmental authority authorized to levy said taxes, assessments or surcharges.

Terms and Conditions

Service under this schedule will be in accordance with the Energy Department’s electric service standards and policies and terms and conditions set forth by the Department’s standard application requirements and Provo City ordinances, including any future additions or amendments.