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Curbside Residential Fees (per month for weekly service)

Garbage – No Recycling (No Yard Waste or Household Recycling)


Garbage – With Recycling (Yard Waste and/or Household Recycling)


Household Recycling


Yard Waste Recycling (Billed March – November only)


Return Service Fee


Suspension of Residential Service

Standby charge of $1.00 per month to be paid during suspension

Roll-Off Disposal

Tipping Fee (in addition to hauling fee)

$39.00 per ton

Delivery and First Hauling


Each Additional Hauling


Commercial Frontload Fees (per month for weekly service)

3 Yard Container


4 Yard Container


6 Yard Container


8 Yard Container


Other Charges

Truck and Crew

$100.00 per hour

Disposal Charge of Waste

$50.00 minimum charge

Replacement of Damaged Can


Fine for Trash in Yard Waste Can


Sanitation Ordinance Violation

per violation

Can Return Fee (Less Than One Year of Service)



Drop-Off Fee (only noncommercial, Provo residents allowed)

$5.00 per load

Compost Purchase (residents)

$3.00 per load

Compost Purchase


$6.00 per load