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3.1 Introduction

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The term housing is defined as a dwelling, or dwellings in the collective sense, in which people live. The data provided in the Background of this chapter covers all housing within Provo City and is intended to provide a snapshot of housing conditions at the time of the General Plan update. In analyzing and projecting future housing needs for Provo City, it serves the community well to keep in mind that every family or individual needs a place to live. In Provo, housing is an especially important concern because of low vacancy rates, rising land values that affect housing costs, and a steady growth in population.

As the centralized location of many public assistance services for Utah County residents, Provo also has a significant population with a need to live in close proximity to those services. These factors can create challenges in providing sufficient affordable housing while maintaining the framework of strong and diverse neighborhoods. Strategies to meet housing needs and a process for the ongoing monitoring of needs and supply are tools for managing those challenges.