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3.3 Vision

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Vision 2030 states:

Provo City is characterized by well-maintained neighborhoods that accommodate diversity and enrich the quality of life while maintaining their own unique sense of place. Provo’s neighborhoods are well-connected and offer recreational opportunities by capitalizing on its abundant local natural amenities. Provo neighborhoods offer families and individuals a safe and positive environment in which to interact and prosper.

Provo City recognizes the important role of housing in the health, safety, and welfare of the public and is committed to pursuing an optimal housing inventory to ensure that every neighborhood is vibrant, healthy, and stable. To meet the challenges of growth, the City must work judiciously, cautiously, and creatively to:

1Provide quality, affordable, and sustainable housing, in sufficient quantity, for residents of every age, income, ability, and family type within the community.

2Create and sustain neighborhoods of distinct character and a sense of place where families and individuals feel safe and want to and can remain.

3Ensure new affordable, mixed, or higher-density housing options are appropriately distributed throughout the city.

4Sustain the services and amenities that the residents enjoy.

5Build, renovate, and maintain architecturally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and responsible and sustainable housing.

Provo’s primary housing goal is to provide adequate housing that meets population demands and supports the health, safety, and welfare of the public. To help achieve this goal, and to comply with Utah Code, a moderate income housing plan is provided.