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1.  Family

We value:

Our strong sense of family and personal relationships

Our legacy to future generations

Our children

2.  Safe City

We value:

Our strong sense of security and well-being

Our safe neighborhoods and public places

Our responsive and proactive approach to public safety and emergency preparedness

Well-trained and equipped public safety professionals

3.  Community

We value:

Our community informed and engaged in community issues

Our residents who care about and support their neighbors

Our sense of place in Provo, and how our heritage influences who we are

Our commitment to personal responsibility and volunteerism

Our respect and consideration for all

4.  Faith

We value:

Our individual religious heritage

Our personal beliefs and the beliefs of others

Our freedom to worship

Our understanding of the connection between living spiritual values and well-being

5.  Education

We value:

Our educated and culturally experienced citizenry

Our commitment to education, which maximizes student achievement and development

Our unique opportunities related to local universities and other institutions of post-secondary education

Our access to quality libraries and to the arts

Our access to and use of information technology

6.  Business and Economic Vitality

We value:

Our diverse employment opportunities

Our role as a regional economic center

Our commitment to economic vitality, growth, and development

Our strong entrepreneurial spirit

Our vibrant business districts

Our educated, skilled, and industrious workforce

Our commitment to ethical business standards

Our favorable and supportive business environment

7.  Responsible Government

We value:

Our transparent and open government entities

Our commitment to accountable and fiscally sound governance

Our effective and well-maintained public infrastructure

Our belief in constitutionally based and limited government

Our understanding that good government is the product of engaged and principled citizens

8.  Healthy, Inviting Environment

We value:

Our quiet, walkable neighborhoods

Our unparalleled natural amenities

Our abundant park facilities and recreational opportunities

Our quality healthcare systems

Our focus on fitness and wellness

Our inviting neighborhoods

Our commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment