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(1) Except as provided in Section 3.05.020, Provo City Code, Provo City shall conduct and pay the costs of the legal defense of any officer or employee of the City against whom a claim or suit is brought based on conduct occurring while the officer or employee was apparently acting within the scope of employment or under color of authority as an officer or employee of Provo City. The duty imposed by this Section shall not be diminished by a voluntary or involuntary termination of the employment of the officer or employee occurring after the conduct upon which the claim or suit is based.

(2) Pursuant to the Utah Governmental Immunity Act, a volunteer shall be indemnified by the City in any civil action which may arise from discussions, determinations and recommendations occurring within the scope of the volunteer’s duties. For the purpose of this Chapter a “volunteer” means any person who serves on a City agency, board, commission, committee, council, district, or foundation without compensation except for approved expenses actually and reasonably incurred.

(Enacted 1985-52, Am 2001-31, Am 2006-45)